Welcome to the continent of Valedonia!Edit

Valedonia, a once-peaceful land, is now ravaged by strife, turmoil and war. The Citadel has been invaded, the High King slain. The usurpation of the Diamond Throne means only one thing; the legend has been broken. Perhaps the oldest known tale in Valedonia, legend states that a rightful ruler sitting on the Diamond Throne brings prosperity, whilst an unjust ruler sows the seeds of discord and strife throughout the land, inviting an ancient fiend into Valedonia.

While ruling houses and the Valedonian nations fight among themselves, an evil is stirring. The feared Daemons will wake from their ancient slumber...

About the GenreEdit

Valedonia is a medieval-fantasy genre for the popular online game, ROBLOX. Set up by player Xantia10 on February 18th, 2015, the genre is constantly expanding. Feel free to get involved and suggest new additions for the genre. We are constantly recruiting and expanding!

Latest activityEdit

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