"All Human monarchs can trace their blood all the way back to King Pellentine I. As a result, human Kings and Queens are gifted with Godsense." ~Jorland Golden-Tounge, The History of Man

Tyrald the Dragonheart (more commonly known as King Pellentine I or Tyrald the Slave-King) was the first monarch to rule The Kingdom of Elsingwood. His name as King is eponymous with Pellentine, the patron God of the human races, the Orcs and Mountain Elves. He reigned from 0M 501 until his untimely death due to age in 0M 531. He is a renown leader who lead a rebellion against the Daemons and the Darkclaw Brotherhood during the Daemonic Era, uniting all races under one banner to eventually liberate all of Valedonia. He is known for his strong leadership, natural oratory abilities and decisiveness.

He was also the first mortal to be granted the gift of Godsense. Ever since, the gift has been hereditary, with every human monarch bearing the gift. The equivalent granted to Elven races by Varinial is Windsight.

Life Edit

Tyrald was born to a lowly farming family, in a small community near the present-day location of Crownpoint. At the age of 17, the Daemons invaded Valedonia through a Darkspire constructed by the Darkclaw Brotherhood. His family was swiftly enslaved by the Daemons, and continued work for many years. At the age of 45, he lead the slave rebellion against the Daemons and the Darkclaw Brotherhood, successfully liberating Valedonia. At 47, he returned to his homeland where the Scarletts of Elsingwood readily accepted him as their King and unified the regions of Elsingwood.

He unexpectedly died in his sleep, aged 65. His son Edmund ascended to the throne, becoming King Edmund I of Elsingwood.