Dates in the genre are integral to the lore. Much like real life, dates serve as essential signposts for significant historical events. They are a reference to a particular day represented within the Dyrennian calendar system. The calendar date allows the specific day to be identified. The number of days between separate dates may be calculated. For example, "26 Breezewind 1M 456" is ten days after "16 Breezewind 1M 456" in the Dyrennian calendar. Such dates are useful when discussing key events, as previously discussed. For example, the signing of the Treaty of Ansille took place on the 3rd of Sunset, 1M 401.

Day and Month Names Edit

The following are the names of the 12 Months in a Year:

  1. Sun's Rise (January)
  2. Morning Light (February)
  3. Breezewind (March)
  4. Rain's Fall (April)
  5. Kindharvest (May)
  6. Fairseason (June)
  7. Sun's Warmth (July)
  8. Afternoon Light (September)
  9. Midwinter (October)
  10. Evening Light (November)
  11. Sun's Set (December)

The following are the names of the days in a Week:

  1. Lundus (Monday)

2. Mardus (Tuesday)

3. Wendus (Wednesday)

4. Tirdus (Thursday)

5. Virdus (Friday)

6. Satirdus (Saturday)

7. Sonndus (Sunday)

Date Format Edit

Dates in the Valedonia genre are displayed in a unique way. For example:

"Satirdus the 2nd of Midwinter, 1M 362".

Satirdus refers to the day, with the 2nd referring to the day. Midwinter refers to the month and in this instance, it is the equivalent of October. The 1M refers to the number of millennia since the Plague of Ancients, the disease that wiped out almost all humanoid life in Altheria. It was coincidentally around this time that the Dyrennians invented the date system, an invention that landmarks the change and evolution of Valedonia's life, culture and society. Lastly, the 362 part refers to the amount of years that have passed since the turn of the new millennium. It is always considered good, common practice to use a 3-digit year format after the millenium indicator. Therefore, 1M 1 would be incorrect; it should be written as 1M 001.